Course Description

More core! This 7-week series of classes may now be repeated over 90 days as often as you'd like! 

This powerful core class series was influenced by familiar yoga, pilates and other fitness methods of exercise, but has redesigned movements from a healthier, safer and more functional approach. Get a core workout that’s 408% more effective than ordinary crunches – and you feel good while doing them! This class is powerful in its effectiveness, but gentle to the body in its approach. Students must purchase a ball prior to starting classes, so it is recommended to have the ball on hand before subscribing to the class series.

To do the class exercises you’ll need a yoga mat and a mini ball that is about 8” diameter when inflated. This is the best affordable ball I’ve found, but you’re welcome to use any ball this size.  This ball is $7.99 and the shipping is free. Try the coupon code FIRST when purchasing and you should get 10% off!

What is 360 Core & Stretch?

  • Exercises that challenge today’s trends in fitness
  • Controlled movements that are more effective (408% more powerful than traditional crunches!)
  • Holistic approach to core health (front, back, sides, pelvic floor)
  • Majority of the exercises are done on the floor using a ball for support to keep the natural curve of the low back

Who should check out 360 Core & Stretch:

  • If you’ve wondered whether you’re really moving closer to wellness or closer to pain with the exercises you’re doing
  • You’ve never taken time to evaluate what you’re doing and how you’re doing it (with fitness)
  • You’re an over-exerciser or generally an intense person – 360 Core & Stretch is challenging yet restorative
  • You’re an under-exerciser and want to start Day 1 & build up from there
  • If you can’t identify (and most importantly engage!) your pelvic floor muscles (especially critical for women who have ever given birth)
  • If you think “drawing the belly button to the spine” is using your core
  • If you’ve been injured or in pain from other forms of exercise such as pilates, boot camp or, yes, even yoga
  • You struggle with relieving low back pain problems

CYT200, Core Functional Fitness Certified, AFAA Group Ex Certified

Sara Pasterski

Sara's calming demeanor and concern for her students have made her a natural teacher. She takes a counter-culture approach to fitness and emphasizes the importance of treating our bodies gently and correctly.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Weeks 1-7: Videos at Your Pace

    • 360 Core & Stretch Info

    • 360 Core & Stretch Intro

    • Core Week 1

    • Core Week 2

    • Core Week 3

    • Core Week 4

    • Core Week - Part 1

    • Core Week 5 - Part 2

    • Core Week 6

    • Core Week 7

    • 360 Core Exercises handout